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What is Jawline and Chin Augmentation?

For both men and women, an angular jawline and a strong chin are important for face symmetry, harmony, and beauty. Unfortunately, many of us do not have a naturally defined jawline and may have a reduced jaw structure, a receding chin, or another unattractive appearance.

Dermal fillers to augment the jaw and chin (sometimes called jawline and chin contouring) is an excellent therapy for this prevalent condition at Glamour Medical. We can temporarily reshape and enhance your jaw with a few simple injections, giving you a more beautiful facial profile.

At Glamour Medical, we use dermal fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane to artfully reshape and enhance your jawline. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring chemical that adds volume to your skin and helps it retain moisture, and these FDA-approved dermal fillers are made from it.

While dermal fillers have a variety of uses for anti-aging and facial contouring, including lip plumping and wrinkle smoothing, they can also:

  • Enhance chin structure and projection
  • Achieve a more angular jawline
  • Reduce the appearance of a double chin
  • Resolve a receding chin
  • Add prominence to a recess
  • Enhance and sculpt the jawline

Jawline contouring and chin augmentation are becoming one of the most popular dermal filler treatments available. At our Miami, FL office, we can perform a jawline contouring procedure using dermal fillers to achieve a more contoured chin and jawline.

Who is a Good Candidate for Jawline and Chin Augmentations?

Candidates for chin and jaw enhancement in Aventura include those who are:

  • Dissatisfied with the shape of their chin
  • Want to subtly enhance their facial profile
  • Want to resolve asymmetry
  • Want to avoid surgery
  • Want a more defined jawline

Traditionally, a chin implant or liposuction has been the solution to a double chin but non-surgical chin augmentation is becoming a very popular alternative. Jawline and chin contouring can easily be combined with Kybella, an injectable treatment that can reduce a double chin and enhance facial anatomy. While Kybella reduces submental fat, chin augmentation can enhance chin projection.

Jawline contouring is designed to achieve a defined jawline. If you are bothered by the appearance of a wide jaw, then jawline slimming may be a better option. This is a non-surgical procedure where Botox relaxes the masseter muscles to reduce the jawline.

The first step is an in-person initial consultation at our clinic, where we can discuss your medical history, ensure injectable fillers are an appropriate treatment for you, and develop a treatment plan. We’ll examine your chin and jawline, talk about the enhancements that our chin and jawline contouring can provide, and suggest any alternative solutions for achieving your aesthetic goals.

The Procedure

Your jawline contouring procedure begins with selecting the right dermal fillers for your cosmetic needs. Our team can help you select the right product from our selection of hyaluronic acid based fillers. Jawline and chin contouring is not painful because most dermal fillers contain lidocaine, a numbing ingredient. The injection sites will be carefully marked so your injector can precisely place the product. Once the product has been placed in your facial features, all markings will be removed. You will be able to instantly see a more contoured jawline and enhanced facial features.

Jawline and Chin Contouring Aftercare

You may have minor bruising and swelling after your chin augmentation or facial contouring procedure. These side effects fade very quickly and you can return to daily activities right away. You will instantly notice a more defined jawline, balanced appearance, and improved facial structure after your dermal filler treatment. Your natural-looking results will last for 12 months or more depending on the dermal fillers you select.


Will jawline and chin augmentation make me look younger?

Yes! By enhancing the profile of your chin and jawline, you can achieve a younger, more contoured appearance.

How long will my jawline and chin augmentation last?

The results of your augmented jawline and chin depend on the dermal filler injected and can last for up to two years.

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