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Non-Surgical Procedures Miami, Florida

For people looking for top-tier, affordable facial and body enhancement procedures in and around Miami, Glamour Medical Aesthetics is your premier provider. From scar treatments and cellulite reduction to Botox and your favorite dermal fillers, our providers help you get the flawless skin and enhanced physique you’ve been wanting.

Fillers and Injectables

More and more people today are clamoring for the simple, quick, and painless treatments that come in a syringe. While Botox has been proven time and time again to be a highly satisfying and affordable wrinkle-relaxing formula, there are many other contenders these days that offer unique benefits to specific patients. Dysport and Xeomin offer slightly altered versions of the same active ingredient, botulinum toxin A, for people who either didn’t react well to Botox or who have very specific needs that we can meet with these Botox alternatives.

On the other side of injectable formulas are our well-loved hyaluronic acid treatments, from Juvederm formulas to RHA Redensity. These treatments physically add volume and treat wrinkles that appear when your face is at rest, and some of our offerings can be used in more places than just your face, adding benefits you might not typically think about.

Face Treatments

If you’re not ready or not a good candidate for facial surgery, non-surgical alternatives can still help you look and feel much better than you do right now. With dermal fillers, we can help augment, fill in lost volume, and enhance the contours of your face for a result that makes you excited to look into the mirror, rather than being afraid of it. For comprehensive rejuvenation, Glamour offers a non-surgical facelift alongside more specific treatments like jawline or chin augmentation and brow lifts.

We’re also happy to offer several types of thread lifts to create the perfectly contoured eyebrow line you’re after. Finally, our providers can help with concerns such as tooth grinding and overly gummy smiles in case these are a concern to you.

Body Treatments

You might be surprised to find out that the injectable formulas that benefit your face can also benefit your base. With formidable products like Radiesse, Sculptra, and pure hyaluronic acid, you can experience buttock enhancement without fat transfer or implants. This leads to a more robust, shapely behind with little to no downtime, and the results can be repeated as often as possible for long-lasting benefits.

But the formulas available to our technicians aren’t limited to volumizing compounds only. We can also help reduce cellulite and stop you from sweating profusely with our non-surgical therapies for both disorders.


Finally, our physician assistant offers exosome therapy and diet treatments for people looking to boost their energy, reduce chronic inflammation, and slim down with a proven weight loss plan. Under physician supervision, you’ll receive personalized care to help you reach your rapid weight loss goals.

About Miami, FL

The second-largest city in Florida is Miami, a bustling center of culture and coastal metropolis at the seat of Miami-Dade County in South Florida. The city is a leader in finance and commerce in addition to being a major international vacation spot, and is one of the US’s top-10 urban economies. Its population is vastly Hispanic and is the “Cruise Capital of the World” according to its motto. Notable attractions in the city include the famous – or infamous – Miami Beach, famous Biscayne Boulevard, the city’s Cityscape, and the nearby Everglades.